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SAP Marketplace

In 2006 I joined SAP Labs in Israel. I didn't apply for a specific role but was picked out of a group of 15 potential talents to join the company and fill a brand new spot & role within the SAP portal group. My team was in charge of direct contact with SAP's largest global customers, learning about their needs & wants and later – producing future solution concepts and business use-cases to be rolled into SAP's road map. 6 months into my new role, I led the Web 2.0 angle of our emerging solutions & concepts producing well rounded prototypes as business proof of concepts – interactive flash applications to serve as a visual prototype for the next generation solution designs. One of those projects was creating an online catalog of solutions and services provided by SAP – the future solutions store/marketplace. 1 year later I was relocated to California and 1.5 years after that I joined as a solution manager to the first (and only) SAP Store which was based on my early mock-ups from 2006, called SAP EcoHub. For two years I led the solutions entire UI/UX consumer angle as part of the global solution management team. I designed each of the stores features and pages, created a singular user experience for the SAP digital shopping experience and championed it all the way to my legacy project – The SAP Marketplace 2015 vision. My work touched topics such as cloud design, mobile OS, web analytics, social channels and marketing. I wrote definition documents, worked with global development team leads and business development executives and reported directly to the global VP of SAP's digital channels.

Role in project
Solution Deffinition Check-mark
Solution Management Check-mark
UI & UX full scope Check-mark
Wireframes & Templates Check-mark
Implementation Lead Check-mark

The worked captured in the visuals above is a quick glance into 2 years of of extensive work and many amazing accomplishments which affected SAP's roadmap and strategy for years to come. Please visit the current SAP Store and explore the ever-evolving web experience.