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FellowUp is a private beta website & iPhone application that plugs into Facebook, LinkedIn and Google APIs to help users better manage their relationships, both business and personal. The clever solution acts as a self-learning personal executive assistant that finds insights from the user's network. I've teamed up with the co-founders at the earliest stages of the solution's thinking process manifestation and poured in the unavoidable consumer-angle while moving quickly from whiteboard discussions to wireframes, templates and actual webpages, iPhone app & web-application that carried the solution to the next level.

Role in project
Solution Concept Check-mark
Scenarios & Wireframes Check-mark
Templates Check-mark
Implementation Check-mark

There was a lot of exciting work in the early stages of this project which led to its current momentum which is still pushes forward by the two gifted and amazing co-founders. Please be sure to check out their website and also the cool iPhone app.