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Better Place

A few years ago, a good friend and former colleague asked me if I would like to take on a rather complex task. Better Place knowledge management global team was tasked with building the company's internal portal which had a unique purpose above all others – serve as the focal point of documented knowledge & communication for the entire organization supporting the company in any current or future implementation of its infrastructure in any new global destination. The project was a huge undertaking for a single UI/UX, nevertheless – I jumped right in! For almost a year I've held and participated in solution definition meetings; I single handedly led the entire UI/UX effort and full scoped design of this infrastructure, created numerous wireframes and templates and later oversaw the implementation, working closely with development teams in and outside the company. I managed the flow of business requirements into templates and features and later into actual working pages across this vast solution covering all solution's angles & requirements both technically and UI wise. The project had an impressing combination of social engagement as well as documentation and set a new standard for engagement in this amazing company.

Role in project
Solution Deffinition Check-mark
UI & UX full scope Check-mark
Wireframes & Templates Check-mark
Implementation Lead Check-mark

As it is an internal project, there is no access to it using the WWW. I still urge you to visit the company's website and learn more about this awesome start-up that may truly make our world a better place.