About Me

I am a user-experience enthusiast, carrying over 11 years of well-rounded set of expertise and an endless passion for exploring new interaction frontiers. I come from the school of 'all about everything', relentlessly scoping the bigger picture of as solution even while working on the smallest of pixels.
I’m a visual-problem-solver and welcome any design challenge, replacing doubt & uncertainty with top notch consumer oriented solutions.
There is a point in a person’s career where he/she learned, experienced & practiced enough to achieve a level of knowledge which he/she can then apply agnostically across any project or task; sort of a “I know kung-Fu” wholeness. I’m there (and would love to share it with you).


Working Experience

Throughout my career, i've left no professional stone unturned; worked in corporates & with start-ups; created mobile, web, cloud & applications user experience & GUI; served as solution lead, consultant, hands-on designer & evangelist; wrote definition documents, user-centric scenarios, blogs and paragraphs much shorter than this one.

Skills Basic Good Expert
Adobe Suite   Check-mark
Development Check-mark
CSS Check-mark
UX   Check-mark
Visual Design   Check-mark
Solution / Product Management Check-mark

Sleeve roller & Team player

Breakdance Check-mark  

…but enough about me - Check out my portfolio!